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Mobile Clinic

Philani Maswati Charity and its many partners regularly deploy mobile clinics and medical teams to reach people cut off from access to health services. 


Support for Covid-19

Considering the social and economic realities being faced by Emaswati especially this period of global crisis


Mobile Soup Kitchen

A Mobile Soup Kitchen in aid for the Elderly and Needy sponsored by E.N.P.F. 


The Green city Initiative

Her Majesty the Patron of Philani Maswati has come up with The Green City initiative to provide a food security network. 


Adopt a House

Our main goal is to provide a comfortable life to the aged citizens, who generally can no longer provide some of life’s basics for themselves.


Guest House

With our un-ending efforts to support the elderly and needy people of Eswatini, Philani Maswati Charity has introduced a Guest House


Agriculture and Farming

Philani Maswati Charity Organization has taken drastic strides in bringing in agricultural interventions at community level.


Building old age homes

In 2012 the charity started a multi-million project to build the first old age home in the Kingdom of Eswatini. 


Feed the hungry

We recognize that hunger is a complex issue. When people face hunger, they often struggle to meet other basic needs.


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